Druidz.Dota2 wins i54 - Interview

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm Gaming

L33genD : first of all, congrat for winning insomnia

- laowai : Thanks man its so insane


- iceberg : Thank you! Glad you guys enjoyed it

L33genD : it was indeed how do you feel right now ?

- laowai : Im so insanely proud of our team, we didn't stop believing in ourselves even when we got in bad situations and we are just overall dizzy from the amazement!

- iceberg : It feels really good! We practiced a lot going into this and we're really proud and happy it payed off. Cheers UK dota.

L33genD : that's great can you tell us more about the epic comeback vs CHIGOGOGO ? you lost vs them in the middle of the tourney but you managed to do an amazing comeback

- laowai : We have actually lost 4 scrims before the tournament, 2 games in the tournament and then first game of the final.

We just realized after we lost the first game in loser bracket final that we are trying to play the UKDotA style instead of forcing them to play ours. We had a talk and from there we did our stuff.

They knew our strat in the first game and countered well, after that we had a quick talk and we just figured them out exactly how they play and outbanned them.

- iceberg : Us and ichigo goes way back. We scrimmed them before we left and never got the chance to beat them. As the tourney went on we finally started to get a hang on of how they played, what picks they favor and how to get them out of their comfort zone. Instead of playing their dota we forced them to join ours, which turned out in our favor.

L33genD : that's quite smart, reading the opponent moves and counter them with a technique that they wont be able to defeat, impressive

After winning this LAN, what are your future plans ? you do indeed want to attend other LAN and pwn some teams, right ?

- laowai : Near future: alcohol and feeling like champions!! Long plan: online we have Joindota league division 2, PRO Series in starladder and next LAN is Consolidate in Sweden!

And ofc we are defending our title here in August!


- iceberg : Hm, yeah we haven't really talked that much about the future of the team. We've been focusing mostly on getting our game together. You never know shat the future holds in store for us!


L33genD : Great now i will let you celebrate in peace, we will have a detailed interview after coming home from the LAN thank you for the interview and Congrat again

- lowai : Thank You, thanks to ozone, TeamGroup and Cooler Master for sending us! Shoutout to shades and Ajja for being the best managers possible:D

- iceberg : Thanks a lot! Was fun having a little chat. Tell the management we said hi.


Congratulations to our team for winning the iNSOMNIA54, the biggest e-sports event in the UK!33genD " Abassi




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