Founded in 1994, Druidz E-Sports Sweden have grown from what started as a friend-based team of gaming enthusiasts, into a professional e-sports organisation that has been the home of Sweden's finest e-sports athletes throughout the past two decades. We are specialised in hosting online and offline broadcasts, events, and we continuously set a new standard for innovative and progressive marketing initiatives aimed at developing and educating about social gaming. We are unique in our knowledge and experience of the industry, all the facilities we have to offer, and our network of premium brands we put together under one roof.



General Manager & Founder

Public Relations & Marketing

Andreas "Shades" Westman

e-mail: shades[at]druidz.se



Event Manager

Event Information

Alexandra "Ajjz" Dahlberg

e-mail: alexandra.dahlberg[at]druidz.se



E-sports Manager & Legal Expert

Applications & Legal Affairs

Patrick "Patjuh" van Ank

email: patjuh[at]druidz.se